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Our inclusive qualifications are designed to promote wellbeing and remove barriers in society.


This course focuses on Coaching for long-term development of athletes. The aim of the qualification is to develop each learner’s ability to coach fundamental Inclusive Martial Art physical activity programmes in the school, community and Martial Art club environments to everyone.

An image of a disabled Karate student holding up a trophy
Activity Coach


We believe that no one should be excluded from positive wellbeing. BOOST is designed to be fully inclusive and user friendly for everyone. BOOST uses tried and tested activities that improve every part of well-being. The programme is designed by disabled and disadvantaged young people, for disabled and disadvantaged young people.

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Do you struggle to sleep well? Are you fed-up, stressed or suffering poor mental health as a result? BOOST Your Sleep is proven to give you greater control over your sleep, allowing you to wake up every day feeling healthier and happier.



The Activator is a unique qualification that empowers disadvantaged individuals to take their first steps into education, responsibility and leadership. An Activator is trained to lead sessions of inclusive physical activity.

Group session physical activity
Activity Leader


This 2-day accredited and certified course is for Karate and Martial Arts coaches and is regulated by OFQUAL. It has a strong focus on disability coaching, equity and inclusion. A Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Certificate and First Aid Certificate is included in the course.

a disabled man taking part in an Inclusive martial arts training session


The I-Ninja programme contains 6 sessions of Inclusive Martial Arts which are fully inclusive and customisable to different ages and stages. I-Ninja can be taken alongside our other courses; I-Ninja is also perfect for Martial Arts clubs to deliver and for any educator to learn how to teach inclusive martial arts as a stand-alone course for CPD. I-Ninja provides an opportunity to use an interesting physical activity to teach students about inclusion. 

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