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Values and Opinions of Young Communities in Europe


VOYCE Oxford workshop december 2021

In today’s interconnected world, many young people are concerned about global issues such as climate change or peace and security. While younger people continue to take an active interest in political and social issues, they often lack the VOYCE to realise change.VOYCE is designed specifically to give young people a platform to realise positive social change. Participants will form working groups in their home countries to discuss global issues. The project will involve training, workshops, social media campaigns, international mobility, the creation of youth spaces, outdoor activities and volunteering, all of which will equip young people with the knowledge and tools to impact positively on society. At the end of the project, everyone will take part in an International Social Hackathon: an event in which young people from diverse backgrounds will come together to solve the global issues that matter to them the most. 

A demonstration of a grab release in a martial arts workshop

Self-defence workshop in Athens,  Feburary 2022

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