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Presentation about inclusion from EmployABLE UK, 2018

Presentation about inclusion from EmployABLE UK, 2018

“At the start of EmployABLE, I was unemployed. Now I have a challenging job that I enjoy, and a bright future ahead of me”.

Disability negatively affects many areas of people’s lives including lack of access to public transport, equipment, education, sport/health and in the employment opportunities. EmployABLE aims to empower young disabled participants by giving them a stronger sense of identity, competences and strengths. Participants improve their knowledge of different tools, technology, communication skills and ultimately explore more aspirational career opportunities.

“I have always suffered from depression, which has affected my ability to work in every job I’d had previously. The sense of community and safety, and the friendships I’ve made on this project have made me a happier person. It has opened my eyes to what life can be like when people work together and help each other”.

EmployABLE Festival Planning activty in Sardinia, 2

EmployABLE festival planning in Sardinia, 2018

Evidence shows that psychosocial well-being is critical to the development of self-esteem and the development of competences in education and employment.


EmployABLE uses the iconic nature of martial arts to provide psychosocial well-being through regular sessions of physical activity to engage and empower people with disabilities.


Over the two-year life of the project, our partners learned all of the skills and competences to create a Festival of Martial Arts for people with disabilities.

Participants can access free group or one-to-one support from a professional counsellor during daily Safe Space.


All the activities during the project are designed to get all of the people involved inclusively and to encourage the participation and motivation of all of them.



EmployABLE is a learner-led youth project based around the planning of a Martial Arts festival. 

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